The life of a toddler in an hour – Cincinnati Dayton lifestyle photography

How can you explain the life of a toddler?

They eat. They sleep (sometimes). They play HARD. They laugh. They cry (and make us too). But most importantly; they love.

Toddlers simply live life to the fullest, at all times, sometimes without consequence, which makes having toddlers so much fun and also so tiresome.

At the end of the day, you know that a toddler has been true to themselves and gave life all they had – and who WOULDN’T want to document that?!

When this family called me about a lifestyle session with their 15 month old, I was giddy with excitement, because I knew how much joy it would bring them. To see the light & life in their little guy’s expressions would be something to cherish…forever.

These treasures will be kept for a lifetime – and a lifetime seems so fleeting when you are among toddlers.



Do you have a toddler who lives life to the fullest? Let’s document these special everyday moments of your children’s lives before they grow up – call me today to discuss a custom lifestyle session and how we can display these beautiful treasures for you!



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