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When I first took a dive into portrait photography, there was no setup or photo opportunity I wouldn’t try out.

From the heavy prop setups to making sure every single detail of the scene was perfect, I strived to create photos that were mesmerizing, magical, and somewhat to be coveted.

It wouldn’t be strange to see me hauling wing-back chairs into the middle of a field or setting up elaborate mini session themes to make sure I ‘got the coveted shot.’

It’s been a long road of learning, trying new things, and experimenting with what sets my soul on fire, and finally, I think I found IT.

Over the past year I have learned something about myself and about photography that I simply cannot ignore any longer.

While I still like to gaze at those beautifully set-up photos with the magical atmosphere, outfits, and location, I cannot deny the fact that it’s quite the opposite that captivates my interest as an artist and as a Mother.

The everyday moments.

You might think that there’s nothing to be said about the everyday, boring, mundane moments, but to me as a Mother, they are EVERYTHING.

In 20 years I want to remember the way my kids dressed every day (t-shirts and “soft” pants), instead of the photo-worthy outfits I picked out.

I want to see how they engaged with one another.

I want to see their pure and honest expressions.

I want to see reality.

While the photos I take on location in a local park can be beautiful, they rarely, if at all, hold any kind of special meaning to my feelings of my children and their identity as a individual and a part of our family unit.

It’s the photos that I take of our daily lives that light me up and excite me when a beautiful moment is created and captured honestly.

This also rings true for the photos that I take of my clients.

Knowing that we are creating and capturing true moments that will preserve time and a pure legacy is something that really pulls at my photographer heartstrings.

There is something so remarkable about the raw, everyday moments, so why wouldn’t photos of these moments be any less special?


If you’re like me & wish to capture candid memories of your family, and not just the pretty ones, then I invite you to get in touch now so we can chat about it.

What do you hope to remember about your life at this moment in time?

What would make you sad if you never had another chance to remember it by?

Let’s talk about it & make your visions and your legacy come to life through imagery. I can’t wait to help commemorate this fleeting time in your life!




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