A rainy day in June – Cincinnati family photography

A rainy day in June.

That simple phrase is almost laughable if you live in the Cincinnati area as we started off our summer completely soggy and begging for sunshine.

And here we are, in July, nearly begging for a blast of winter to cool us down for a moment.

But, that’s Ohio for you!

With that said, it hardly ever seems like the ideal time or day to take photos – but it’s just something too important to sit around and wait for.

This family can attest to that.

Recovering from a summer cold, sick kids, and rainy weather all week long, they still buckled down and brought their A-game on photo day.

Even with a constant drizzle sprinkling down on us, they brought the magic – their happy selves, the love for each other, and an attitude that THIS IS LIFE.

You can certainly wait for the perfect sunny day when everyone is healthy and the stars are aligned just right..

but you might be waiting forever.


dudley woods family photo session cincinnati family photographer


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