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If a photographer takes her own photos…

she will probably use a timer on a tripod.

When she uses a timer on a tripod, she will most likely get a few “action” shots.

When all she gets are those “action” shots, she will undoubtedly have her family sit for more photos.

When she makes her family sit for more photos, they will start to become irritated and restless.

When they become irritated and restless, she will move on to a different setup.

When she moves on to a different setup, the baby will become tired.

When the baby becomes tired, he will get grouchy.

When the baby gets grouchy, she might hand off the camera to dad for a few snuggling photos.

When the snuggles are over, she might hand the grouchy baby off to dad so he’s also included.

When she hands off the baby to Dad, he will for certain make the baby laugh.

When the baby laughs, she knows her work is done and calls it a day.

When the day is over, she might feel upset or sad because she didn’t get the perfect family photo…

But when she looks over them a few days later, she realizes that she loves them just as they are – because they are honest, unfiltered, and exactly how life with kids can be.

  1. Dipak says:

    Just awesome ideas for family photos and precious tips

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