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Growing up as a country girl, my heart belongs in the sweet outdoors.

Nothing beats a 70 degree day in the peaceful countryside with the wind blowing and the sound of a bubbling creek.

Being an introvert, I am especially drawn to the wide open spaces and seclusion that the rural area offers. No crowds. No distractions. No pressure of having to be armed and ready for a social interaction.

It’s the perfect place to let your mind wonder and fill it with dreams and ideas.

But, as much as I long for that country atmosphere, there is something to be said about the color of the urban environment.

On every wall, every alley, every paver, there is a story to be told.

With the sunlight dappling through the openings in between the buildings, there is light and joy and spontaneity to be found. The city offers so much diversity and personality that the country simply cannot compete with. And it’s why these locations are my favorite to work at.

No matter who you are, where you’ve been, what you’ve done, or where you’re going, you can fit right in to the urban environment to complete the story.

And that’s exactly what’s being told here: just a tween girl. A  girl with so much talent. A girl with a beaming future ahead of her. A girl who has the power to create her own outcomes and change the world around her.

That’s what I see when I take these photos – it’s much more than just an image, it’s an entire story of excitement for the future.


Capture your tween child before they go full teenager mode! Contact me today and let’s plan your tween’s perfect photo session.


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