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I'm a lover of light & color and infuse them into all of my work. I live for giggles, happy moments, and genuine smiles, so if that's your thing, then give me a ring and we'll make it happen for you!

The time has come to wrap up the season before welcoming my 5th baby bloom into our family. When I started Two Blooms Photography 10 years ago, I had big goals. Goals to open a studio. Goals to do photography full time. Goals to share my colorful photos in an often dark world. So many […]

If you were to ask any photographer in the Cincinnati area where the best place for spring photos is, it would be an automatic “Ault Park.” Between their beautiful paved gardens, open wooded trails, and famous weeping cherry blossom trees, it’s the #1 spot in the area for Cincinnati photos in the spring. People flock […]

Happiness is contagious. Whoever coined that phrase above speaks absolute truth. Jessica and Christopher were shining examples of this during their maternity session last month. When they weren’t making each other laugh, they were making me laugh or beam with joy (or both – I’m pretty sure I left that session with a permanent smile […]

“Heaver!” That was the first word that I heard from the sweet little voice of this little girl who seemed eager for picture day (“seemed” being the key word). Bouncing around and continually calling my name, “Heaver”, we found the perfect spot in the park to nestle down and get some great family shots, except […]

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