What’s next for Two Blooms Photography? Another baby for starts

The time has come to wrap up the season before welcoming my 5th baby bloom into our family.

When I started Two Blooms Photography 10 years ago, I had big goals.

Goals to open a studio.

Goals to do photography full time.

Goals to share my colorful photos in an often dark world.

So many business goals, but I had never thought to sit down and reflect on my own personal goals. Motherhood goals. Family goals.

I’ll admit, I am an impulsive person at times and when I started this business, I just dove in without much of a plan and without giving it much long-term thought.

In a sense, that has given me flexibility to make this business into what I have needed in the time that I needed it. Including bring two more babies into the world.

But now that I have experienced those newborn days alongside running a business twice, I have come to very important realization: I can’t have both without one slightly suffering.

Booking, shooting, and traveling for sessions with a newborn is not easy – for me at least.

As a committed breastfeeding and attachment parenting Mom, traveling around the area for photo sessions isn’t always the easiest with a baby who relies on me for their every need. Then follows the guilt of putting my job first at times, or my baby first instead of clients.

I am a firm believer in doing your absolute best at what you do, so this time, I am fully committed to that.

outdoor maternity sessions 37 weeks belly

With my 5th baby due any day now, I have made the decision to fully focus on my family.

I am not making an official return date announcement until I figure out what life looks like with this new baby and being a homeschooling Mom of 5 boys.

This time, I refuse to rush in.

I want to savor and enjoy every moment of this baby phase without business looming over my head and having to worry about clients, jobs, and deadlines.  I have been far too selfish with my time in the past, and this time, I want to do right for both for my business and my family.

I will be returning to do LIMITED SESSIONS sometime in the fall.

These will be scheduled sessions at specific locations and times and I most likely will not be taking on any custom sessions until 2023.

This was a very hard decision for me to make as I consider Two Blooms Photography one of my babies. I have grown it from the ground up and am very proud of where it is today. But, all in all, this is what is needed during this season in my life and I am fully committed to this decision.

maternity photos casual watering garden

So, what’s next for Two Blooms Photography?

Limited photo sessions on a schedule. I will be booking limited sessions at set dates, times, and locations in the Cincinnati/ Dayton area. If you aren’t already, make sure you sign up to my email list to get updates from me when those are announced.

Continuing my photography blog/online business. If you didn’t already know, create editing tutorials and photography resources for portrait photographers and share them on Two Blooms. I will continue doing this in my spare time from the comfort of my home and near my kids.

Building my personal brand. When I decided I’d be taking time off from photo sessions, I knew I wanted to focus more on my personal brand on social media and a business that could be worked into the nooks and crannies of my day. I partnered with the number one global hair care brand in the world and have been LOVING every second of it. I will continue sharing the products and business opportunity that has changed my life immensely already over on my personal instagram account. Feel free to follow me in my journey there.

If you want to get updates of when I’ll be returning and be the first to know my sessions schedule, sign up to receive updates from me below.

Thank you all for your love & support over the years. I could not have made it this far without you!

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