A warm and sunny Cincinnati style fall photo session

Okay Cincinnati, you win.

We natives are always poking fun about your bipolar weather personality and the joke is on us. It’s halfway through October and we have yet to see a true fall day.

Instead of orange and red foliage, we are still rockin’ the greens.

Instead of cozy sweaters and hot apple cider, we get to embrace the extended use of summer clothing and sunglasses.

So in all it’s glory, I can happily say that I have proof of this insane & crazy fall weather we are having thus far with a beautiful family photo session.

Only in Cincinnati would we have a warm & sunny fall, but at least we have the beautiful pictures to prove it.

sunny fall family photo session dudley woods cincinnati

sunny fall family photo session dudley woods cincinnati

It’s not too late to start planning your Cincinnati family photo session!

Get in touch with me today to plan your custom family session, or book a mini session with me here.


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