The one-handed super powers of a Mom

Everyone knows the saying, “when you have a baby, everything changes”, but some of us never new the real super powers us Moms have to quickly learn in order to survive the everyday chaos we call life.

mom cooking dinner holding baby

Cooking with my tiny is a daily trend in our home.

Aside from having mental capabilities to withstand countless sleepless nights in a row, channeling your inner Momma bear to ward off the unwelcomed that come in near vicinity of your child, and enduring meals consisting of only cereal and eggs when you have a sick child and cannot make it to the grocery, the super power of using only one hand to accomplish the every day tasks we often take for granted outshine them all.

I asked a group of Mothers in all stages of their parenting life what they could do one-handed since becoming a mother, and here are their answers:


Typing (currently doing)


Cooking dinner, or any meal for that matter

Cracking an egg (I’ve learned this with baby #3 and it’s been a lifesaver!)

Loading and unloading the dishwasher

Loading and unloading the washer & dryer

Washing dishes



Opening mail

Grocery shopping

Carrying 10 bags of groceries

Take a shower

Brushing teeth

Blow dry your hair

Flat iron your hair

Washing your face

Putting on pants

Pour a glass of wine

Make a pot of coffee

Drink coffee

Make another pot of coffee

Pumping breast milk while nursing on the other side (thankful I’ve only done this a few times)

Putting on pants

Pulling down pants, going to the bathroom, pulling up pants, and washing hands (yes, it’s about as complicated as it sounds)

And if you didn’t think that was impressive enough, then try doing all of these tasks while using your feet to pick up toys off the floor before you trip over them.

If you’d rather not experience all of these things on a daily basis while child-rearing, then baby-wearing can be a God-send (although I will warn you, you’ll still have to become a one-handed Jedi master).

Shopping with my littlest made easy by the ring sling

Shopping with my littlest made easy by the ring sling

My personal favorite baby carries are the wrap, mei tai, and the ring sling. Seriously, the BEST investment I have made as a mother to not only save my hands, but my back too (and that means less chiropractor visits!)

What things can you do one-handed as a mother that isn’t listed above? Do tell us in the comments below!

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