The free spirit of a 2 year old – Cincinnati lifestyle photographer

It doesn’t matter how long I’ve been doing this photography gig or how much experience I have, photographing a 2 year old is rarely an easy feat, but it’s always filled with excitement and fascination.

Although this age might seem “difficult”, “rigid”, and “inflexible”, I see 2 year olds as a wonderful opportunity to really let my passion in photography to shine & break free of the mold.

This girl right here gave me that perfect opportunity.

I was able to let go of the posing and just follow her around and let her be.

From smelling flowers, to picking leftover corn cobs, and sneaking a smiley giggle in from time to time, I sat there and witnessed this beautiful little mind full of wonder.

I was refreshed with a joyous exhilaration of capturing these perfect fleeting moments. This all passes by too quickly, and I am simply overjoyed to be able to show you her personality through these timeless images.

Cincinnati lifestyle photographer outdoor photos

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Two Blooms Photography specializes in lifestyle baby & family photography in the Greater Cincinnati & Dayton area.

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