Tips for your next visit to the butterfly show at Krohn Conservatory

Every year, from April through June, Krohn Conservatory in Cincinnati hosts their famous Butterfly show.

Presently in my last few weeks of pregnancy, I have been wanting to spend more time doing outside of the home activities before the wee one arrives.

With being a Cincinnati family photographer, I look for fun, memory-making activities to capture during this short time in my children’s lives & to hold onto for a lifetime.

I knew the butterfly show would be one of those.

After spending some time in the exhibit surrounded by a multitude of families and small children, I came to some very clear observations that could be helpful when taking your young ones to the show this year.

Be respectful to others

Why do I even feel inclined to say this? Well, it seems that a lot of people have forgotten this ancient act of kindness. There were several times when I was attempting to get a good shot of these little creatures when I would repeatedly get bumped into or cut in front of the hog the view.

Wait your turn, I promise the butterflies will give you another opportunity to view them up close.

krohn butterfly show cincinnati

Watch your step

These dainty little creations often like to rest themselves on the walking paths, most likely to the fact that there is water from the surrounding indoor water fountains.

It made me cringe to think of how many of these butterflies have been squished due to the fact of people not realizing they were underfoot.

krohn butterfly show cincinnati

*No butterflies were harmed in the making of these photographs

Resist the urge to touch

The workers there will continually remind you not to touch these delicacies, but I still witnessed time and time again the insane amount of touching that was going on.

We happened to see one girl injure this poor monarch by touching (a little too hard might I add), resulting in a broken wing.

krohn butterfly show cincinnati

You will be given a “landing pad” for you to pick up the butterflies with. My boys (aged 4 & 6) were both able to collect several butterflies using this piece of paper without complications so there should be no reason to use your hands.

krohn butterfly show cincinnati

Don’t freak out if one lands on you

I missed a few opportunities of a picture perfect memory because of the short lived moment.

My oldest son can be a little jumpy when it comes to insects, so he naturally jumped out of his skin anytime a butterfly would land on any part of him (with the direct instinct to brush it away as quickly as possible).

krohn butterfly show cincinnati

It might tickle a little, but these beauties will as quickly fly away as they landed on you. Enjoy it and have your camera ready!

krohn butterfly show cincinnati-36

Remember to take pictures

With how fast-paced this event can be, it’s easy to forget to take pictures. Having your camera ready to go will help eliminate the frustration of the moment being gone too quickly.

krohn butterfly show cincinnati

If all else fails, taking a posed shot before you leave will be just as suitable for the scrapbook (unless your kids are just as unwilling as mine are at a quick pic).

krohn butterfly show cincinnati


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