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I'm a lover of light & color and infuse them into all of my work. I live for giggles, happy moments, and genuine smiles, so if that's your thing, then give me a ring and we'll make it happen for you!

If you were to ask any photographer in the Cincinnati area where the best place for spring photos is, it would be an automatic “Ault Park.” Between their beautiful paved gardens, open wooded trails, and famous weeping cherry blossom trees, it’s the #1 spot in the area for Cincinnati photos in the spring. People flock […]

Growing up as a country girl, my heart belongs in the sweet outdoors. Nothing beats a 70 degree day in the peaceful countryside with the wind blowing and the sound of a bubbling creek. Being an introvert, I am especially drawn to the wide open spaces and seclusion that the rural area offers. No crowds. […]

Two words with polar opposite meanings, but blend so beautifully when they are a part of the same person. That’s exactly who this Cincinnati tween is. Not only is her demeanor rich with generosity and grace, but her unwavering spirit full of grit is what sets her apart from most girls her age. It’s what […]

Planning the perfect photo session can be stressful. First, you need to figure out which photographer to work with (hopefully it’s me). Then, you need to think of the perfect location. Next comes all the details like what you’ll wear, what kind of vibe you want, the poses (or non-poses) that you like, etc. Working […]

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