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I'm a lover of light & color and infuse them into all of my work. I live for giggles, happy moments, and genuine smiles, so if that's your thing, then give me a ring and we'll make it happen for you!

4 years ago, I started a Cincinnati tween photo session project. I wanted to not only highlight this time in a child’s life (the tender age between 10-12), but I wanted to showcase their strengths and remind them of who they are and how they fit into the world. As someone who has always struggled […]

For the past 4 years, we have made tween photo sessions a grand slam hit to the Cincinnati area. “This is me” , the tween photography project dedicated to instilling self-confidence in tween through a individualized experience has only expanded since. Since 2017, over 30 tweens in the Cincinnati area have had a chance to […]

cincinnati tween photo session

I have been looking forward to this 1 year photo session for awhile. I first met this sweet family at my holiday mini session event last year. They were referred by another amazing client of mine, so it was such a joy and an honor to also take these special photos of their growing baby […]

If you were to ask any photographer in the Cincinnati area where the best place for spring photos is, it would be an automatic “Ault Park.” Between their beautiful paved gardens, open wooded trails, and famous weeping cherry blossom trees, it’s the #1 spot in the area for Cincinnati photos in the spring. People flock […]

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