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I'm a lover of light & color and infuse them into all of my work. I live for giggles, happy moments, and genuine smiles, so if that's your thing, then give me a ring and we'll make it happen for you!

If a photographer takes her own photos… she will probably use a timer on a tripod. When she uses a timer on a tripod, she will most likely get a few “action” shots. When all she gets are those “action” shots, she will undoubtedly have her family sit for more photos. When she makes her […]

Why have breakfast when you can have ice cream? Being my favorite sweet treat, I was pretty down with the idea of this family bringing ice cream cones for the little ones to their end-of-the-summer session. Since it was only 8am in the cutest little town of Miamisburg, Ohio, we couldn’t expect any ice cream […]

A rainy day in June. That simple phrase is almost laughable if you live in the Cincinnati area as we started off our summer completely soggy and begging for sunshine. And here we are, in July, nearly begging for a blast of winter to cool us down for a moment. But, that’s Ohio for you! […]

The sky might have been gray, the ground a bit mushy, but the moments that were made at the Christmas tree farm were nothing short of lively! With our train mini sessions being one week prior and such a huge hit, I didn’t think we’d be able to top those sessions. But, alas, I was […]

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